Analyzing Success, A single cell at-a-time

The focus of the Microfluidic Single Cell Analysis Laboratory in Engineering (µ-SCALE) is to integrate multidisciplinary areas of engineering, biotechnology, life sciences, nanotechnology and tissue engineering to develop novel technologies for diagnostics and fundamental investigation of immunological disorders as well as cancer progression. Traditional cell biology assays gather aggregate data from a pool of large number of cells which may not be the actual representative of given subpopulation of cells (e.g. malignant cells) in question. Therefore, we are studying diseases at the single cell level to enhance our conceptual understanding of real-time cellular responses under controlled spatial and temporal micro-environments. For this purpose, we utilizes microfluidic technologies that offer an ideal approach for manipulating cells on individual basis and provide robust platforms to analyze small samples. Majority of our research is directed towards single cell analyses of cellular responses during cell cycle progression, cell migration and cell-endothelial interaction. Results from this research will address several unanswered questions obscured because of cell-to-cell variability and current technological challenges that render the precise identification of rare cell responses difficult at the population level.

Group Interests

  1. Tissue engineering
  2. Microscale technologies and microfluidics
  3. Chemotaxis
  4. Single cell analysis